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  • How to distress wood floorings, doors or panels?"
    Cosma builds several types of industrial machines for the woodworking industry. One of these types is the Cosma distressing machine for wood floorings equipped with cylinder brushes. These brushes are made with either steel wire or nylon abrasive. The distressing brushes can also be used for other wood products such as doors or wall panels. Depending on your machine, Cosma designs and manufactures the brush that fits. Steel wire brushes distress both the hard grain and the soft grain whereas nylon abrasive brushes sand away only the soft ‘late wood’ which lies alongside the hard ‘early wood’. Because nylon abrasive brushes leave behind a fully sanded surface, the demand for this type of brush continues to grow. Any wood type can be distressed e.g. oak, acacia, birch, reclaimed wood, maple, walnut, rosewood, etc. At Cosma, we first ask the client what finish he desires to make sure the right brush type is used. Advantages of distressing with Cosma brushes and machines: - Achieve just the right finish for your wood floorings (e.g. brushing depth, sanded finish) - A unique texture for any wood flooring with a natural finish (antique/aged look) - Increase the durabilty due to removing the soft/young wood and improve oil absorption for better wear and stain resistance Contact us for more information: #woodfloors #hardwoodflooring #oak #maple #acacia #reclaimedwood #walnut #birch #cherry #graintypes #distressing #brushing #steelwirebrushing #flooringproduction #woodfinish
  • How to choose the right brush?
    There are so many different types of brushes available, but how do you choose the right one for your surface treatment to achieve the finish you desire? The simplest method is to contact us and we will advize you exacty what you need. With over 70 years of experience in brush technology for surface treatment, we know the brushes in-and-out. It is important to make the right choice for the brush hairs/bristles. With a large choice of synthetic bristles, natural/vegetable fibers or animal hair, making sure you use the right brush can be difficult. For example, when applying and spreading oil on wood floorings during production, you can use synthetic brushes or pads, however natural fibers provide a smoother finish, just like the Cosma padbrushes made with bristles from the agave plant. The fibers reach the distressed grains perfectly and apply the oil deep into the surface. However, for applying and spreading water-based stain on floorings, we recommend to use the Cosma cylinder brush with horse hair and not natural fibers because these will absorp too much moisture and loose their stiffness. Whilst horse hair has the right softness for a smooth finish and the correct stiffness for better control and thus achieve an excellent quality finish. Not only is the desired finish and type of brush fiber important, but also the shape and dimension. In other words, what brush type suits your machine? A long cylinder brush? A rotary brush made for high rotational speeds? Let us know and we will design and manufacture the right brush for your surface treatment! Contact us for more information: #woodfloors #brushtechnology #brushing #brushfactory #dutchquality #madeineurope
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